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No road closures at this time.

Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 9th December at 7.30 p.m at the Village Hall.

Agenda to follow.

Pandemic Guidance

10/07/2021: Coronavirus restrictions remain in place across the country, including for people who have been vaccinated:

  • You can meet indoors in a group of up to 6 people or a group of any size from 2 households
  • You can meet outside in a group of up to 30 people
  • Work from home if you can and travel safely
  • If you have symptoms get a test and stay at home

08/03/2021: School is back! A summary of the route out of lockdown can be found using this link:

Click here

04/01/2021: Not a great start to the new year as we head into Lockdown 3. Covid cases currently increasing in Wiltshire at an exponential rate so please follow the guidance:

For any help and support please ring the Sherston Neighbourhood Network on 07500 860025.


04/12/2020: Wiltshire has now come out of lockdown into a Tier 2 - High Risk area. Guidance can be found at:

05/11/2020: England is again under lockdown restrictions; please access the Governments website for more information.

For any help and support please ring the Sherston Neighbourhood Network on 07500 860025.

For further support please see Wiltshire Councils guidance 

20/10/2020: Wiltshire is currently a Tier 1 area (Medium Risk) although cases are doubling every week at the moment. In the week to October 12, 272 new infections were reported in the Wiltshire Council area, compared to 175 in the week to October 5. For local advice link to Wiltshire Council pages. 

04/07/2020: The playground on the recreation field is now open. However due to Government guidance, please read and abide by the rules in this notice.  

22/06/2020: Lockdown restrictions continue to be eased. Full guidance can be found at the Government's website: link

28/05/2020: There are 523 confirmed cases in Wiltshire; there have been 282 coronavirus related deaths up to 15 May. 

The new Test, Track and Trace system is meant to be starting from now.

A diagram showing the process can be found by clicking here.

Full guidance can be found at the Governments website: link 


29/04//2020: There are 394 confirmed cases in Wiltshire, out of a local population of 498,064

In the South West, 857 people have died after testing positive for coronavirus.

(Note: Confirmed cases only include those testing positive for the virus, not all will have been tested. Deaths in England only include those in hospitals.) 

14/04/2020: Here's a link to a useful document from Wiltshire Council particularly aimed at  parents during the lockdown. 

Parenting during Covid19


As at 08/04/2020, there are currently 180 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Wiltshire. Here is guidance from PHE via the BBC on how to protect yourself and others. Please click on this link:-

As at 24/03/2020, new restrictions has been introduced affecting everybody. See the link to the Government website:

As at 24/03/2020, there are currently 28 known cases of Covid-19 in Wiltshire. 

Update on 23/03/2020, most households will have received information about who their contact is in the Neighbourhood Network. Click on link for more information. 


As at 16/03/2020, the Parish Council's emergency committee has been formed to assist with the dissemination of information from trusted sources and to organise support for vulnerable and isolated people in the community.

Cycling Route proposal between Sherston and Malmesbury

Update January 2021: 

CATG which is the local Highways committee has agreed to pursue this project. Some funding from Sherston Parish Council may be needed but we await costings.

Update September 2020:

This proposal was accepted by the Area Board in September. It is now with Wiltshire Council Highways to look into the detail and decide what can be done in the rural context of Foxley Road. A link to the proposal for a signed cycling route between Sherston and Malmesbury using the Foxley Road is below. A survey on this can be found on Sustainable Sherston's facebook page.



Community Orchard

Update on 07/07/2021: 

The orchard was planted in March 2021 and now we need to make sure that the young trees have enough to drink! Come along on Monday or Thursday at 18:30 to help out. Just bring a watering can!
See here for details


Autumn 2020

Ever thought it would be great to have a community orchard located somewhere in the village? A place to enjoy the spring blossom, the summer shade and pick the autumn fruits? Well, there’s a joint proposal being worked on by Sustainable Sherston (the local environment group) and the Village Hall Committee. The committee felt that the Village Hall Field was a very much underused community asset. Apart from the very occasional SherstonFest/Big Picnic or private wedding, not much happens there, apart from a lot of grass mowing.


Working with Sustainable Sherston the proposal is to plant a community orchard (mainly apples, pears, cherry, apricot, blackcurrant, hazel, blackthorn for sloes, crab apples) on a small strip of the Village Hall Field; underneath will be space for wild flowers so the mowing regime will change to accommodate that. There will also be space for bench seats so that people can enjoy the view (apparently the Churchyard has run out of space for commemorative seats so this could provide an alternative location). The other main reason for doing this is that we will be planting 60 new tress and about 40 shrubs in the village, which will play their part in reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. The proposal will still allow ample space for the big, occasional events that take place there. Funding will be sought from the Area Board for the trees themselves and a group of volunteers will do the planting in the spring.

An illustrative plan can be viewed via this link

A planting plan can be viewed via this link.

The proposal has the backing of Sustainable Sherston, the Village Hall Committee and Sherston Parish Council. However, if you have any views on this proposal, please contact Martin Smith on 01666 840865

or email: martin.fausing.smith(at)  

We are keen to receive both supportive and critical views.

Please respond before 6th November.

Major planning applications:

Presentation from developers for Stanbridge Park - 45 houses plus doctors surgery off Sopworth Lane
Select the link for the presentation. 


Sherston Community
Emergency Plan

last updated on: 16/03/2020 FINAL (MS) 

If you are in immediate danger call 999

Click to view/print the full emergency plan.

Summary of Contents
Local risk assessment
Risk Matrix for Sherston
Map of Sherston showing Hazards
Local skills and resources assessment
Key locations identified with emergency services for use as places of safety Situation report for helping coordinate emergencies
Emergency contact list - Internal Emergency contact list – External
Useful Links and Contact Details

Activation triggers
List of community organisations that may be helpful in identifying vulnerable people or communities in an emergency
First steps in an emergency
Community Emergency Group first meeting agenda
Actions agreed with emergency responders in the event of an evacuation
Alternative arrangements for staying in contact if usual communications have been disrupted

Grant Awarding

Grant Awarding Policy and Grant Application Form

A grant is any payment by the Council to be used by an organisation for a specific purpose that will benefit the parish, or residents of the parish, and which is not directly controlled or administered by the Council.
The Council awards grants, at its discretion, to parish organisations which can demonstrate a clear need for financial support to benefit the parish by:

• Providing a service
• Enhancing the quality of life
• Improving recreation and / or sports
• Improving the environment
• Promoting the parish of Sherston in a positive way.

The PDF below includes:
Grant Application Process
Conditions of Funding

Click here to view/print the full Grant Award Policy & Form.

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